Who Are We?

Welcome to our website!
Let’s get to know each other, shall we? First of all – and most importantly – we are parents.

Our goal is to make the life of fellow mothers and fathers easier. Trust us, we do know how exhausting it can be, choosing products for your child.

That is why we have created this project. We have decided to share our knowledge and data about the best products for children, so both your life and your choice will be more convenient and less time-consuming.

Our experience of being parents, as well as expertise in analytics, has allowed us to make this idea real.

Our mission is to save parents time when buying products for children.
Our team consists not only of us but also experienced analysts and authors, which are mostly parents as well.

What Makes Us Different?

  • A comprehensive and detailed approach
    We collect complete information about the products. We take everything into account - characteristics, global trends, product reviews, price/quality combination and, of course, personal experience.
  • Structured reviews
    The results of our researches are simple and easy to understand. We share only the relevant information, nothing more.
  • A desire to help you
    We want to make it easy for you to make a practical and straightforward decision on whether you should buy a particular product. Saving your nerves, time, and money is just a nice bonus.

Have a pleasant shopping experience!

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