Best 7 Organic Baby Clothes Brands in 2021

Many people think that organic kids’ clothes are just pieces of apparel made from non-synthetic fabrics. But there is a huge difference between ordinary cotton, bamboo fiber, wool, and other eco-friendly counterparts. When growing plants and animals from which raw materials are extracted for making natural children’s clothing, all processes are as natural as possible. Also, most of the operations are done manually without harmful chemicals.

That is why organic children’s clothing is of interest to almost every parent. The purchase of such things is an opportunity to be completely confident in the safety of your child’s pants or pajamas. Now, we will tell you how to choose the best items for your baby and show some examples of modern brands that offer organic clothing.

Choosing Organic Baby Clothes: Factors & Tips

The birth of a child is one of the happiest events in the life of every person. Preparing suitable clothes for the first months of a baby’s life will significantly simplify the young parents’ anxieties. Generally, people should choose infant clothing according to the following criteria:

In fact, the second factor is the most important. Well-known manufacturers immediately release organic baby pants and other things following all the criteria listed above.
Besides, the sheer number of different types of organic cotton baby clothes can be confusing for young parents. All of this can be divided into several categories:

However, you should not be zealous with the purchase of a huge amount of organic newborn clothing. The babies are growing very quickly, so don’t buy too many items. For a start, this will be enough:

If the baby is expected to be born in winter, complement lightweight apparel with dense products. Also, a warm jumpsuit with closed legs and hands will be very helpful.

Top Organic Baby Clothing Brands

Now let’s get down to specifics. Are there brands that produce the softest baby clothes that meet all quality standards? Sure! We have selected several reliable manufacturers:

1. Gerber Organic ClothesMaximum variety
2. Burt’s Bees Baby ClothesHigh quality in exchange for great prices
3. Touched by Nature Baby ClothingOrganic clothing that you will find not in all stores
4. Lucy Lue Organics Baby ClothingModern and simple
5. Pact Baby ClothesSuper comfortable
6. Sapling Baby ClothesOrganic fun nature-inspired prints
7. Hope & HenryFocuses on sustainable fashion

Parents can easily find the perfect organic baby sleepers and other items from these manufacturers, as the companies have been making kid clothes for a long time. Thus, if parents are looking for hypoallergenic, durable, and comfortable clothing for a child, these brands are the #1 choice.
Of course, there is a small drawback of natural clothing items. Shrinkage after washing can spoil the impression of organic apparel, as the fibers have not been chemically treated for stability. However, hand washing or using the washing machine’s gentle mode (temperature less than 30 degrees) will help keep things in their usual form.

Brand Features: From A to Z

Children’s organic clothing brands are forced to undergo regular inspections to conduct business and confirm quality certificates. By choosing products made from organic cotton, bamboo, and other materials, we support natural brands as well as sustainable plantations and the creation of socially responsible businesses. Now let’s talk in more detail about popular manufacturers.

1. Gerber Organic Clothes

gerber organic baby clothes

Gerber Organic Clothes are known all over the world, as they have been leaders in the production of the best baby items for 39 years. Interestingly, this company had created the Onesies brand, which almost all parents know about.

Why we choose it

The demand for Gerber organic cotton baby clothes is quite justified since the company has vast experience in producing quality products. In addition, a large catalog of items is presented on the official brand website. All the clothing is suitable for sensitive children’s skin because organic cotton fibers are longer, so less friction is created. The softer the fabric is — the better it is for the baby.

Conveniently, that the catalog contains not only specific items but also sets (the same style, but different colors). Gerber organic baby clothes brand also offers a large selection of items for parents of both newborns and toddlers — from birth to five years old. Discount programs and point accumulation will allow you to make every next purchase with greater benefit.

Key Features


Slips, bodysuits, overalls, diapers, shoes, socks, swimwear, hats.


From 25 to 60 dollars (sets of 3-6 items). However, the brand regularly offers sales that allow parents to buy great items at up to 50% off. And the durability of clothes significantly reduces costs in the long run.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Clothes

Burt’s Bees Baby Clothes

Burt’s Bees clothing is another popular company that has already garnered tons of attention. Although, it may be surprising with such a vast experience as the previous brand. The manufacturer has been producing first-class clothes since 2012. The team decided to help parents who could not find completely safe clothes for their babies. And the brand coped well with the task because Burt’s Bees’ infant clothes are not only beautiful and harmless but also quite affordable.

Why we choose it

Burt’s Bees’ organic baby clothes offer high quality in exchange for great prices. Thanks to this, buying clothing for the baby won’t turn into a huge waste.

In addition, apparel from this brand is very durable — it can be washed freely in a gentle mode. And if the baby has grown out of them, it doesn’t matter because parents can leave items for the future kids or give them to someone. The color brightness and the material quality remain the same.

The company is the proud owner of several awards: 

The manufacturers have worked meticulously to create the perfect branded bedding. They produce both sleepwear (Burt’s Bees’ baby pajamas) and comfortable, wearable blankets (Beekeeper) that allow babies to sleep in maximum comfort.

Key Features


Burt’s Bees’ baby rompers, slips, mittens, hats, tops & bottoms, wearable blankets, socks, boots, and care products for mom and baby.


Clothes — from $13 to $35, other products may be more expensive (for example, Baby Bee Box costs $150, as there is a whole range of things and handy products). Ointments, oils, and creams cost up to about $25.

3. Touched by Nature Baby Clothing

Touched by Nature

Touched by Nature’s baby clothing is also in demand in the organic kid wear market. The company offers a very wide range of 100% organic cotton products. Parents can purchase both clothing and bedding. In addition, the brand produces some organic products that you will not find in other stores - for example, classic bibs or beautiful headbands.

Why we choose it

The team of experts turned their attention to Touched by Nature’s baby dresses, kimono gowns, and other items, as the brand significantly expanded its range. Now parents can purchase stylish and natural clothing for newborns and toddlers, as well as for older children — up to 5-6 years old.

Key Features


Clothing (zipper and kimono gowns, long-sleeve dresses, socks, coveralls, tights, classic & bandana bibs, headbands, leggings, pajamas, swaddle wraps), and bedding (pillowcases and fitted sheets).


Clothing sets — from $6 to $65; Bedding — from $7 to $39.

4. Lucy Lue Organics Baby Clothing

Lucy Lue Organics

Lucy Lue was a small family business, but now the brand is widely known. The company is localized in the USA (Atlanta, Georgia), but international shipping is available. The brand’s founder emphasizes that the organization’s priority is to create stylish and comfortable clothes.

Why we choose it

The brand was marked by experts as reliable, as almost all comments about their items are positive. All baby clothing is made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS standard proved). Thus, there will be no toxins or pesticides. Additionally, the brand indicates that its clothes were created to "be worn, and worn again, to be wrapped and snuggled in, to be soiled, and then washed like new" on its official website.

Key Features


Jjumpsuits, snap rompers, knotted kimono for newborns, kimono sets, diaper covers, skirted or turtleneck bodysuits, pants, and shorts.


The brand is quite expensive — from $14 (shorts) to $38-39 (a kimono set and rompers).

5. Pact Baby Clothes


Pact is a famous brand that produces top clothes for all age categories — for babies, children, adults. Also, they added a line of natural items for the little ones. The most popular are bodysuits with short and long sleeves. In general, Pact organic baby clothes are sold one, two, or three in a set, but most often, people order the last variant.

Why we choose it

Despite the high quality and the great demand of the brand, the company doesn’t raise prices — almost everyone can order their sets. In addition, the catalog contains a lot of things in neutral colors and pure white things. Parents who have already used some products from Pact are commenting that their infant things are the softest — there is no irritation or chafing of sensitive baby skin.

Key Features


Bodysuits (short and long-sleeve).


From 15 to 24 dollars.

6. Sapling Baby Clothes

Sapling Baby

The Sapling Baby brand was founded back in 2011 in Australia. Now, the company continues to develop and offers its services from the United States. The creator of the brand says that the idea of producing first-class cotton clothing arose after the birth of their third child. The kid fell ill with meningitis, so the baby was very sensitive.
The parents decided to buy stylish organic clothes, but this turned out to be quite problematic. And then thoughts about creating fashionable and harmless clothes for newborns finally appeared.
The brand points out that most of the designs are created in soft colors and natural prints. The garments are made with premium quality organic cotton made in India.

Why we choose it

Soft organic rompers and other items from the Sapling Baby brand are as comfortable as possible. The location of the zippers and buttons does not prevent the child from actively moving. Also, it is easy to dress the baby or change diapers for parents. In the technology of creating branded clothing, flat seams are used to prevent skin chafing.

Key Features


Pants, rompers, and bodysuits (long sleeve and short sleeve).


From $17 to $33 per item.

7. Hope & Henry Organic Baby Clothes

Hope & Henry

Hope & Henry is a brand with a mission to create beautiful and affordable children’s clothing. The company believes that cotton baby onesies shouldn’t cost a fortune — and this principle has made them hugely popular. As the creators emphasize, "8 to 13 million tons of clothing ends up in the landfill." Therefore, it is important to create the most comfortable, stylish, and, at the same time, durable baby items.

Why we choose it

The brand uses technologies that allow reducing the prices of high-quality organic clothing as much as possible. For example, the company doesn’t use corporate offices or rent warehouses; all work is done remotely. Also, things from Hope & Henry include not only classic models but also unusual items — knitted bodysuits in the "Peter Pan" style with a collar or rompers with bow shoulders.

Key Features


Sweaters, overalls, blankets, dresses, accessories, rompers, jumpsuits, and gift sets.


Sweaters and jumpsuits — from $24 to $27, sets — from $39 to $49, dresses — from $18 to $24, blankets — from $22 to $39, accessories — from $14 to $19.

Organic Baby Clothing: Parent Pro Guide

As soon as parents start looking for safe and comfortable clothes for the baby, they have a lot of questions like, "Why is organic cotton so good?" or, "How can you tell if a material is really natural?" We are ready to help you figure it out!

Why Choose Organic Cotton Over Ordinary Materials?

Unfortunately, ordinary cotton is in the top-5 genetically modified plants. Generally, 25 million tons of this material are produced in a year. According to global statistics, 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides are used for growing ordinary cotton. However, many people still don’t know that they are sleeping on sheets and drying themselves with cotton towels treated with very strong chemical substances.

Thus, by choosing organic baby pajamas instead of the usual ones, people achieve several effects at once:

And the most important! When buying organic kimono onesies, parents will be sure that their baby sleeps in the softest, comfortable, and completely harmless clothing.

How Can You Distinguish Organic Cotton from Ordinary Material?

To distinguish organic cotton from an ordinary one, look out for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) quality mark. It confirms that:

Also, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials is evidenced by the "ORGANIC" mark (at least 95%) or the "Made with organic" sign (at least 70%). Besides, organic clothing Oeko-Tex Standard 100 confirms that the product:

What Other Good Organic Materials to Choose?

While organic cotton clothing has become an almost permanent part of children’s wardrobe, other natural materials are gaining popularity. For example, many brands offer bamboo baby onesies or soft merino slips.

Features of bamboo fiber:

Merino is a special breed of sheep with fine and soft high-quality wool. The material itself is already valuable and is well-suited for the production of children’s clothes. However, special eco-conditions make it possible to produce clothes for newborns from merino wool that are absolutely harmless.

By analogy with organic cotton, merino used for children’s apparel is eliminated from chemical substances by creating the most natural conditions when raising sheep. For example, animals graze in areas that are not treated with chemicals. Generally, the merino clothing features are very similar to bamboo fiber — all the items are soft, hypoallergenic, and warm.

How to Find the Perfect Organic Baby Clothes?

In addition to organic materials, there are a few other factors to consider when looking for the perfect outfit for your kid:

Thus, finding the most comfortable organic clothing has become very easy nowadays. Many popular brands, such as Pact, add lines of natural cotton items. And other companies (Burt’s Bees Baby Clothes or Touched by Nature Baby Clothing) even specialize in producing such things. Choose baby items carefully using all the tips and tricks from the review, and your kid will always wear stylish and harmless clothes!